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Our Process 

Discover. We learn as much as we can about your business, your history, products, services, team, and most importantly, your goals. 

Create.From newsletters to digital we create strategic campaigns that give you what you really want, ROI.

Execute. We put each thought out plan into motion and see where it takes your business. It's one of our favorite parts, seeing your business thrive. 

Debra Otto

Debra Otto started her writing career as an editor of a weekly newspaper in Wisconsin. Throughout her career, she has worked for nonprofit organizations, private companies, veterinarians and a variety of pet-related organizations in marketing communications. She has had articles published in national and international publications.


Debra’s love of animals started when she was young. She has volunteered for animal-related organizations. Of course, she shares her life with three rescued canines—a miniature French poodle, Marcel; a deaf English bulldog, Rose; and a yellow lab, Desi; along with a Macaw and Cockatoo.


Debra has a degree in journalism and is passionate about helping businesses communicate effectively with clients and prospects.

In her spare time, Debra enjoys reading, gardening, and creating mixed media journals.

Debra lives in the Twin Cities. 

Mollie VanArsdale

Growing up helping with her father’s small business peaked her interest in the business world. His business is testing drinking water for arsnec, lead, bacteria, and nitrate. “The business world has always been interesting to me watching my father run his small business,” Mollie explains.


Mollie is a graduate of the University of Minnesota Duluth with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing. Mollie’s favorite part of the marketing process is to research a client’s business, learn the client’s goals, and develop an integrated marketing strategy.  “I enjoy marketing because I enjoy telling the business story in the best way, using the most effective communication methods to reach customers.”


Mollie enjoys jogging, trying new healthy recipes, and of course the occasional Netflix binge watching. She also spends time with her two Golden Retrievers, Zeus, who is 8, and Apollo, 4 months.


Mollie grew up in Victoria, Minnesota and lives in the Twin Cities. 

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